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About MySmile Med Spa


MySmileTexas is taking over as a well-known leader in advanced teeth-whitening technology and we recognize a fellow industry pioneer when we see one. We are thrilled to announce MySmile MedSpa–our newest partnership with Dr.Adriano Goffi, owner of New You Wellness Center. Of course, we hand-picked Dr.Goffi because of his reputation and effective approach to helping clients achieve personal success and confidence. But, what stands out even more, is that he shares our vision for giving back to the community. With compassion at the core, the goal of this partnership is to serve the overall wellness needs of the greater Houston area.


Partnering with Dr.Goffi is important because we know there is more to a beautiful smile than just great teeth. Our clients deserve to feel as good as they look. Dr.Goffi is board certified in family practice and focuses on preventative medicine. His dynamic approach to well-being involves cutting edge practices such as cellular nutrition, hormonal balance, platelet rich plasma therapy, and even stem cell therapy. He also knows that a strong image can improve overall quality of life. To help his clients look their best, he provides medical weight loss programs, liposuction and advanced aesthetic treatments.

Living a better life implies being pain-free, excited and energetic to pursue your life goals.
– Adriano Goffi, M.D.


We started this project because we want you to look and feel so amazing that you will be inspired to help others see the beauty in not only themselves but also the community! We are creating a new realm. Age does not comply here. We are the very first of our kind: an advanced teeth-whitening business expanding into the MedSpa industry. At MySmile MedSpa, only YOU are the expert on YOU. We strive for you to become the truest and greatest version of yourself. Your image makeover will be a personalized journey, and everyone has unique needs. Our expert staff will take your journey with you! Each of us is seeing massive results in our own lives using these services and products and we are excited for you to now experience the success that we have found, both inside and out. Above all, we hope to see the smiles that start in our offices spread all throughout our local communities.